Thursday, January 20, 2011

a golden retriever

Today at the SPCA, I saw a beautiful golden retriever. He was the first one I'd ever seen in person since our beloved Jemmy died last year.

She was a very sweet dog, and I miss her, of course, but somehow seeing another Golden made it all the more real. It was somehow wrenching and made me want to cry. But it was also a very good feeling. It's difficult to explain.

It said he was 1-5 years old, and he was an orangish-honey color, not the pale blond of our Jemmy.

He licked my gloves, and when I called him a good dog, he sat down very conscientiously as though the two went together! I doubt he'll stay there long. He seemed like a very good dog. And of course, beautiful--all Golden Retrievers seem to be beautiful.

I will post about Jemmy at some point.

Right now, I just wanted to post about this beautiful dog waiting at the shelter, happy and friendly, and a very 'good dog.'

I think of him as Jack. He looked like a Jack, somehow.

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