Tuesday, February 15, 2011


My family's parrot, Beaker. She's an African Gray Parrot.

Her feathers are gray, except for her tail, which is bright red.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Jemmy and Shelley

This is a picture I drew when our dog, Jemmy was still alive.

The cat is Shelley. They were near each other, but I didn't draw them in proper proportion to one another, as you can see.

It is bittersweet, finding the drawing again. But I really like it. :-) I found a few more of Jemmy, as well as photographs. I may post more.

She was such a good dog.

I had some trouble scanning it, but I think it is showing up pretty well now.


Can you believe that when I visited the golden retriever at the SPCA again, two days later, he was already adopted?

I got to see him. He was still there, with an 'adopted' sign on his cage.

What a sweet dog. I'm glad he found a home....

Thursday, January 20, 2011

a golden retriever

Today at the SPCA, I saw a beautiful golden retriever. He was the first one I'd ever seen in person since our beloved Jemmy died last year.

She was a very sweet dog, and I miss her, of course, but somehow seeing another Golden made it all the more real. It was somehow wrenching and made me want to cry. But it was also a very good feeling. It's difficult to explain.

It said he was 1-5 years old, and he was an orangish-honey color, not the pale blond of our Jemmy.

He licked my gloves, and when I called him a good dog, he sat down very conscientiously as though the two went together! I doubt he'll stay there long. He seemed like a very good dog. And of course, beautiful--all Golden Retrievers seem to be beautiful.

I will post about Jemmy at some point.

Right now, I just wanted to post about this beautiful dog waiting at the shelter, happy and friendly, and a very 'good dog.'

I think of him as Jack. He looked like a Jack, somehow.